How to Measure for Bracelet Size

To get your bracelet size, take a cloth measuring tape and wrap around your wrist where your bracelet would be SNUGGLY. Take the measurement and add atleast an inch to get your bracelet size. If you do not have a measuring tape take a piece of string and do the same thing as above but just use a ruler to measure the string and then add your inch.

For children's sizes you can also wrap the measuring tape around the wrist but only add .5" for toddlers or younger. Children older than 3 add about an one inch.

We can usually guesstimate based on age as follows:
Newborn - 4"
6-12 Months - 4.5"
12-24 Months - 5"
2-5 Years - 5.5"
6-8 Years - 6"
8-12 Years - 6.5"

Please measure carefully as we have to charge a restringing fee of $10.00 per strand plus shipping if it was ordered in the wrong size.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on wrist measurements.