custom personalized hand stamped jewelry and engraved gifts

About Us

Who are you?
Kennebug is a family owned and operated personalized jewelry and gift boutique in the beautiful state of Michigan, USA. We started out in 2002 making hand beaded baby and mother's bracelets and have expanded from there and never looked back. Our founder, Nicole, designs all the artwork on our engraved and hand stamped jewelry. She instills in the whole group pride in your work and making people smile.

What on earth is a Kennebug?
Well.... Kennebug came to be because the founder/owner needed a name for her new company and her newborn baby girl, Kennedy, happened to be dressed as a ladybug that year for Halloween. So Kennebug stuck. Its odd we know but I guess you will not forget it.


What is your production time?
Due to the varied products we offer its hard to give an exact time for each item. Current production time on hand stamped, engraved and beaded jewelry is about 3-5 days or less. Wall Signs are outsourced at the time and take around 2 weeks for the company to produce. Cutting Boards and other household products are about 5-7 days to produce. Most all other non personalized items are 2-3 days. This does not constituent a guarantee that the item will be shipped in that amount of time. Its an estimate. Could be faster or slower and depends on the work load and holiday schedule at the ordering time. This does not include the shipping transit time to you. Its best that if you need something by a certain date to email us right away and we can let you know if its going to make it.

How much is shipping?
We have several options for shipping your purchase. The easiest way to find out the shipping is to add the items to your cart and then see then see the shipping options that way. Depending on the item, there are different speeds and charges for your purchased item. We do offer expedited shipping on most items. Our handling time still may apply. You can email us to see how quickly we can ship the item you need it by a certain date. Sometimes it can be shipped the next day but you must email us to find out what day it can be shipped by. Please note, during holidays the USPS will not guarantee Express delivery (usually a 1-2 day service). Priority mail (7.99-8.99, 15.00 for heavier items) is typically a 3-5 delivery time. If sent via the USPS first class (2.99 economy rate), your package will generally arrive four to seven business days after it is shipped.

Can you send my order as a gift?
Absolutely... All of our items come in our signature logo jewelry box or cotton logo bag that is perfect for gift giving. Our gift card enclosures can be seen and ordered clicking here. Our packing slips do not include pricing information so the recipient will not see the price paid.


Do you take phone orders?
Due to the personalized nature of our business we need to have all orders via website or email so we have a written copy of the personalization and design needed. You can email through the contact page and we can work on an order that way as well. We can send you a paypal invoice for the total once we finalize the order.

Where do I put coupon codes and gift certificate numbers?
View cart and then under the items in your cart you will see a link that says Have coupon/gift cert?. Click the link and a box opens to enter code.

Do you take custom orders?
A: We love custom orders! We do a lot of company and school projects such are reunions and banquet gifts and we can engrave logos or messages on items. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Do you do bulk orders for large groups or wedding favors?
Yes we do! Use the contact us form and let us know what you are looking at and how many you are looking to purchase and we can quote you a discounted price.


What is does tarnish mean?
Tarnish is the product of a chemical reaction between a metal and a non-metal compound such as oxygen or sulfur dioxide that is in the air. From the dictionary: lose or cause to lose luster, especially as a result of exposure to air or moisture. So that means ALL metals tarnish or get dirty.

Does sterling silver tarnish?
Sterling silver is an alloy of the precious metal silver that is white in color and is highly reflective of light. Because silver in its purest form is too soft for use in everyday items, most silver used in jewelry, flatware, tea sets and other household utensils is 92.5% pure combined with another metal, usually copper, to make it more durable. However, sterling silver is still a delicate metal that is prone to tarnishing. Therefore, it requires specific care to keep it clean and polished to the reflective, high shine that makes it so well-loved. A useful article on sterling silver, tarnishing and cleaning can be found here: Does Sterling Silver Tarnish

What is your jewelry made out of?
Most items are made of sterling silver unless noted in the description. And some of the engraved jewelry you have the option to choose between sterling silver or stainless steel.

How do I clean my jewelry?
The recommended way is with a pro polish cleaning pad. They are 2" square pads we sell or can be found on the internet that polish the items a brand new like shine. Taking off any tarnish or dirt that has accumulated from normal wear. If you dip your sterling silver hand stamped jewelry in to a cleaning solution the blackening agent will also be removed. A polishing pad will not remove the black lettering agent, so this is another reason we recommend the pro polishing pad or a sterling silver polishing cloth. If for some reason you do want to touch of the black in your necklace you can do this at home with a sharpie if you do not want to send it to us to have it refinished. Take the sharpie and color in the letters, wipe excess with a tissue and then polish with the pro polish pad.

What is the difference between Matte and Shiny finish?
Matte finish is where the metal is buffed with an abrasive disc and will be a dull, more rustic appearance. The shiny finished items are hand finished so it can have small scratches even in the shiny finish. Shiny finished items are done on a professional polishing wheel and the polish applied helps keep them tarnish free longer.

What is the difference between a ball chain and a cable chain?
A ball chain is little round balls and a cable chain is your standard link chain. You can see examples here.

Just wondering which product will last longer? The sterling silver or the steel. I do not want it to tarnish
All sterling silver will tarnish. Stainless steel to some extent as well. You have to clean it. Chemicals in the air or on your skin will react with metals or they just get dirty. Just keep them polished and out of the showers and pools and you should be good to go.


Can I return personalized gifts?
Personalized items can not be returned or cancelled, so be sure you have the spelling correct and capitalized as your would like them to appear. The kismet and arial fonts for the handstamped items come in lower case only. Once the order is placed it can not be cancelled if it contains a personalized item. You can email us to see if it's been started and if it hasn't we can cancel the order.