Customized personalized hand stamped Jewelry and engraved gifts

Product Information


We reserve the right to cancel any order if a pricing error has occurred.

Cleaning sterling silver hand stamped jewelry- The recommended way is with a pro polish cleaning pad. They are 2" square pads we sell or can be found on the internet that polish the items a brand new like shine. Taking off any tarnish or dirt that has accumulated from normal wear. If you dip your sterling silver hand stamped jewelry in to a cleaning solution the blackening agent will also be removed. A polishing pad will not remove the black lettering agent, so this is another reason we recommend the pro polishing pad or a sterling silver polishing cloth. If for some reason you do want to touch of the black in your necklace you can do this at home with a sharpie if you do not want to send it to us to have it refinished. Take the sharpie and color in the letters, wipe excess with a tissue and then polish with the pro polish pad.

Matte vs. Shiny finish on stamped jewelry - We recommend Matte finish because it hides fingerprints and scratches that will occur during regular wear. We also feel it helps the letters stand out more as well.

We guarantee our items fully. If your order was made incorrectly, please use the contact us button to let us know the issue so we can fix what is wrong. Hand stamped, engraved, or personalized items CAN NOT BE RETURNED unless there is a misspelling or a gross defect. All items are inspected before they leave so there should not be defects when they arrive. Hand stamped items may have scratches on the surface as they are buffed after the darkening agent is cured. Hand stamped letters will not be straight as they are hand done and not machine stamped.  If there is a problem with  your bracelet related to craftsmanship or quality, we will repair or replace the items free of charge. If you get your bracelet and the sizing is incorrect and it was our error,  we will fix it at no charge. If you get the bracelet and the sizing is too large or too small but made in the size you ordered, we can resize the bracelet for 5.00 for 1" and under sizing, 10.00 for over an 1" sizing, plus return shipping.  Please see our Repair and Resizing page for more information.

Important Information on Adding Names and Charms to Beaded Bracelets
All bracelets with names and/or charms on them are sample pictures. They do not come with that name, number of letters or charms automatically. We only like to charge you for what you want or need and not just charge more for all our bracelets just to cover these extra items or extra letters for everyone. Birthstone dangles are always free if you want them added to your order. Just include that information in one of the comment boxes on the bracelet order page. When ordering, pull down the drop box to the TOTAL number of letters in ALL names. Charm choices are found under Available Charms in the lower left of every page. You can buy a charm there and then fill in the Add to Which Bracelet Box on the charm. 
If you would like more than one charm on your bracelet, feel free to just add that charm to your order from the available charms pages and put in the bracelet order page that you want both charms on that certain bracelet. We can modify most of the bracelets as well so if you want certain beads omitted or added, just let me know in the bracelet personalization area. Please feel free to contact us with any questions before ordering. Email is the fastest way to get answers.

Information on Beads and Designs
Each bracelet is made with the highest quality beads and findings. Our name and word bracelets feature 5.5mm or 4.5mm sterling silver letter cubes unless otherwise stated. All silver charms, beads, and findings are sterling silver unless noted in the description.  Gold filled and vermeil are also used in our designs. We use beautiful Swarovski, Chinese, or Czech crystals, cat eye beads, lampwork beads, bali silver, and sterling silver accents and charms and what is used in each bracelet is stated on the bracelet order page. NO Plastic here! We use high quality 49 strand nylon coated professional beading wire.  If you would like a bracelet designed custom to meet your style needs, please email us with your request today. We love to make custom pieces for our customers.

Please note that we do not always use the same exact toggle on a bracelet as they are bali toggles and dependent to what is available from Bali, Indonesia.  A circle toggle could be "plain" or roped so if you have a strong preference please include that in your bracelet customization. Minor variations in the Bali beads may occur depending on the current stock. Usually there is no change at all but sometimes there may a very slight difference. The overall style and look of the piece should remain the same of course.

We can also add strands later if more children are added to the family. The same goes for Grandmothers bracelets if new birthstones are needed to be added. Just email us for more information on your choices here.

California Residents
At Kennebug Boutique we recognize the importance of protecting the health and environment of our customers. However, some of the base metal findings, rhinestones, beads, chains, charms and other items sold by our company may contain small amounts of lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm if ingested. We recommend that you wash your hands after handling, and keep all items away from small children and infants.
Effective September 1, 2007 per California Proposition 1681.  Any Childrens jewelry containing lead components cannot be retailed in the state of California.  I can subsitute other beads in place of the crystals.
Again, be aware that Swarovski and Fire Polished crystal beads contain lead
Crystals are not recommended for children under 5.